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9 Jul 2017

Make Learning Fun Using Educational Children's Games


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Posted By Hattie K.

If you have got little children then you realize the importance of having fun while you learn new things. Kids seem to always get more from what you teach them if they can have fun while they're doing it. You can teach them numerous fun educational games at home without having to spend outrageous prices on electronic learning games found in stores. Most of the time you can even be the one who develops these games and you don't even have to spend too much time or effort on them. Check out these great ideas for fun and also educational games for your youngster.

Alphabet Seeking

Learning the sounds of the alphabet and discovering words that start with those sounds is a great activity for children who do not yet know how to read. Fill a three-ring binder with twenty-six plastic page protectors to form an alphabet binder. Next print one letter of the alphabet in upper case as well as lower case on each page, using a permanent marker. Or, you could use colorful alphabet stickers to mark the pages. Give your kid the notebook, a collection of old magazines, and some round-tip scissors. They can then search through the magazines, looking for pictures of items that begin with every letter. When they discover one, they may cut it out and place it in the appropriate page pocket. As soon as they are all done, go over the whole thing with them. If you discover any photos that aren't in the right place then simply talk about it with your child and find the proper location together. You can then empty the page protector pockets, and your kid can play the game all over again. As an added bonus, your little one can use the photos that they remove from the magazines to make collage artwork, which you can place in fun yellow picture frames (or their favorite color picture frame) and exhibit around your home.

Number Scavenger Hunt

This activity can be adjusted according to the skill level of your youngster. If your child is just learning how to identify the different numbers and the way to count, then find ten sticky notes and write the numbers one through ten including one number on each sheet. Then, give the pad to your little one and tell them to search through the house for items that with up with the numbers on each note. Whenever they are able to locate a match, they then get to stick the right numbered note to that certain object. For instance, a television that has got five control knobs would be a good match for the number "5," and their three-drawer dresser would be a match for "3," and If you have multiple children, you could turn this game into a race, with the winner being the person who hunts down matches for all their numbers first. For the older child who is learning addition or subtraction, you might place math problems on the sticky notes rather than the actual number. Then they will have the added step of solving the math problem and after that finding things to match up with the answers. Of course, you could always use these sticky notes to teach different things by writing letters or maybe colors on them. Don't forget to enjoy this game yourself by observing your kid, and even snapping some pictures to show later in a few pretty triple picture frames.

Not only will you and your child have a great time playing these games, but your child will learn a whole lot while they have a great time.


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